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  • Advantages of Purchasing Bulk School Supply Kits in Canada
    June 26, 2023

    Advantages of Purchasing Bulk School Supply Kits in Canada

    When it comes to preparing for the upcoming school year, students and parents alike are often burdened with the task of acquiring the necessary school supplies. However, an increasingly popular and cost-effective solution has emerged: purchasing bulk school supply kits...

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  • Stock Up & Buckle Down with Bulk School Supplies
    November 30, 2020

    Stock Up & Buckle Down with Bulk School Supplies

    Since the pandemic, going to school has been challenging for many students. Some students are learning at home for the first time, some students are going into school part-time, and still some have been in school full time only to...

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  • female students takes test with wholesale school supplies
    February 27, 2019

    Make Test Taking More Exciting with Bulk School Supplies

    It doesn’t take a rigorous physiological study to learn that test taking isn’t a student’s favorite part of school. Perhaps they may enjoy certain lessons or subjects, but the thought of having to memorize hours’ worth of information can make some feel anxious or disheartened from school. Luckily teachers have the power of school supply kits on their side to make test taking a more approachable and exciting task for students to overcome. We’ve come up with a few tricks to help teachers encourage students to not only do well on test but be excited to take them as well.
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  • helping sick child with bulk hygiene kit
    February 12, 2019

    Classroom Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Students Healthy

    From avoiding sniffly noses to week long absences, it’s important to educate students on the importance of both classroom hygiene and personal hygiene as well. By helping them form healthy habits now with investments in products like bulk hygiene kits, you’ll not only greatly reduce the likelihood of them getting sick, but you’ll be giving them important tools to ensure their health in the future.
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