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Make Test Taking More Exciting with Bulk School Supplies

It doesn’t take a rigorous physiological study to learn that test taking isn’t a student’s favorite part of school. Perhaps they may enjoy certain lessons or subjects, but the thought of having to memorize hours’ worth of information can make some feel anxious or disheartened from school. Luckily teachers have the power of school supply kits on their side to make test taking a more approachable and exciting task for students to overcome. We’ve come up with a few tricks to help teachers encourage students to not only do well on test but be excited to take them as well.

Decorated Test Dividers

The most intimidating part of a test for a child is the lack of a support system. For weeks you’re there to correct their mistakes and act as a trampoline when they get a wrong answer, but a test challenges their independent thought without you there to nudge them along. A simple way to make students more comfortable and exciting while test taking is to add a familiar element to the process, such as decorated test dividers. Many teachers opt to pass around two folders and have students stand them up on their desks in order to keep them from peeking at others answers. Spend a lesson allowing your students to decorate their personal test dividers to get them excited for test taking and becoming familiar with the process. And instead of breaking the bank, order folders in bulk from our wholesale school supply kits to ensure you have enough for every student.

Index Flash Cards

The second thing that may be nagging at students when it comes to taking a test is lack of preparation. While you cannot personally ensure that each child goes home to study, you can positively reinforce them to do prepare during their free time. Distributing bulk index cards for students to create flashcards is a great motivator. Offer extra credit to those who study with their flashcards to encourage more students to complete the task. Allow them to get creative and offer extra points to students who color code or include clever pneumonic devices or fun graphics to their cards. Students will likely be more excited for test taking when they are confident in the material. Incentivizing students to create flashcards out of bulk index cards will help their studies immensely.

Fun Tests  

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how much a student studies, they’re still anxious to get the test over with. In that case perhaps it’s time to rethink the way we administer tests. There are certain rules we seem to take for granted, like the seriousness we treat exams with. Maybe it’s time to break the test taking ice and make them a little more fun for our students and subsequently, our teachers. Allow students to get creative with their answers. For example, if you’re asking students to identify the element neon, hand out bulk colored pencils for them to draw a visual representation. Another way to make test taking more exciting is to add an oral section to the test in which you can talk one on one with students to ascertain their knowledge.

As a teacher it’s part of your job to push students to succeed. Showing them ways in which test taking can be exciting is a skill they’ll take with them through higher education. And at Bags in Bulk we want to assure every teacher that showing your students the value of school doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg with our affordable school supply kits.

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