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Stock Up & Buckle Down with Bulk School Supplies

Stock Up & Buckle Down with Bulk School Supplies

Since the pandemic, going to school has been challenging for many students. Some students are learning at home for the first time, some students are going into school part-time, and still some have been in school full time only to return to learning at home. Yet through it all our students, teachers, and parents have risen to each and every occasion, always exceeding expectations and tackling this school year with all they’ve got. 

Bulk school supplies for school districts, classrooms, and home

All of this back and forth has been a lot for many underprivileged districts struggling to supply all of their students with everything they need, no matter where they are.

Now it’s mid-year, and for many students exams are coming up, end of term projects and papers are looming, and the pressure is on. When you add to that the fact that many do not have access to adequate materials needed to complete their tasks and assignments, you have a lot of students who will fall behind.

Wholesale school supplies make a difference for those less fortunate

BagsinBulk wants to help change that. We are proud to offer the highest quality colorful and functional wholesale school supplies needed for all students in preschool, kindergarten, and in grades 1-12. Ranging in need from bulk packs of highlighters, pencils, rulers, and notebooks to complete sets of backpacks with school supplies inside.

Including pens, crayons, glue sticks, and all accessories bundled together in one, there is a school supply pack that is perfect for every age, need, community, and school district.

Shopping for and donating school supplies in bulk benefits not only teachers and students, but also parents at home. They don’t always have the same access to the supplies that schools do, and when their children are learning from home it becomes difficult to keep up with the demand for all of the items needed to complete tasks and projects.

Bulk school supplies are great for crafts and art projects

Moreover, there are so many wholesale school supplies to choose from that can be used far beyond the classroom. School supplies are often repurposed for crafts and games both in art classes and just for fun at home on a cold or rainy day. That means nothing ever goes to waste!

Paper clips alone have over a dozen uses outside of just holding papers together. Paperclips can be shaped and repurposed to create heart-shaped page markers and earrings, fashionable spiral bracelets, chain bracelets with paper beads, photo holders -- use those glue sticks, scissors, and paper reams -- and so much more.

Sheet protectors and notecards are fantastic for cutting and gluing into unique decorative and useful scrapbook pages and homework organizers, and the colorful shavings from colored pencils that get saved up in pencil sharpeners are ideal for everything from use in small animal habitats for mulch to line a cage, to the flooring and wallpaper of a creative and imaginative shadow box project.

Help Canadian students by donating wholesale school supplies in bulk

The need and uses for any and all of these items is endless. All it takes is a kind donor to help fill the need in a hard-hit school district or community township that’s struggling this year to ensure that its students finish out what could still be a great year. Donating school supplies in bulk ensures that every boy and girl of every age has the items they need to achieve success, and let their imagination's soar.

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