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  • making school exciting with bulk school supplies
    January 15, 2019

    How to Make School Exciting for Students

    Keeping students entertained in school is certainly not the easiest task. With the allure of technology and cell phones, students are more likely to be focused on their Fortnight stats over anything else. Therefore, it becomes the job of the teacher to create more engaging lesson plans and activities to encourage students to succeed and become interested in school. Here are a few creative ways to use affordable wholesale school supplies to revolutionize your classroom and excite your students once again!

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  • Encouraging students and children to excel with wholesale school supplies
    January 15, 2019

    How to Positively Reinforce Your Child

    Explain to your child where they could use improvement in school, whether it be academic or behavioral. Give them the tools to succeed, like strategies for better note-taking, or getting in touch with a teacher to change seating arrangements. And be sure continue encouraging and cheering your child on, but do so with the added promise of their own pack of new markers or freshly minted pencil case to boost their spirits when they bring home a shining report card!   

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