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making school exciting with bulk school supplies

How to Make School Exciting for Students

Keeping students entertained in school is certainly not the easiest task. With the allure of technology and cell phones, students are more likely to be focused on their Fortnight stats over anything else. Therefore, it becomes the job of the teacher to create more engaging lesson plans and activities to encourage students to succeed and become interested in school. Here are a few creative ways to use affordable bulk school supplies to revolutionize your classroom and excite your students once again!

Buy your classroom wholesale composition books

Buying bulk school supplies is a wonderful way to ensure you’re purchasing enough supplies for a full classroom without breaking the bank, and composition books are a great example. Perhaps planning a “journal entry a day” initiative. Start by distributing a special notebook to each student, something they can keep in their desks or cubbies. Begin your classes by allowing them to reflect on their night, or to jot down ideas, anxieties, and excitements. Give them a nudge by presenting a prompt, or by allowing them free range to write as they please. This will start off the lesson with a fresh outlook and hopefully a heightened eagerness to learn.

Give students access to wholesale school supplies that they can use as needed

When we think of bulk school supplies perhaps we think of backpacks or notebooks, but even small items such as pens or highlighters deserve the chance to be affordable too! Many teachers discourage students from utilizing highlighters during class, but you can go against the grain. Highlighters are a great way to help students organized notes and create pyramid of importance when studying for quizzes and tests.

For example, have them highlight names and dates in yellow and concepts and definitions in green. Not only will their notes more closely resemble your lesson plans but highlighters add a pop of color that will help liven up their studies.

Buy crayons and markers in bulk

Sometimes the best way you make a lesson exciting is to take a break and add some fun and games to the day, and what better than arts & crafts? The last thing you want when conducting a fun project is to have 30 students competing for the only blue marker in the pack.

Some of the most expensive school supplies include markers and crayons, so choose the more affordable option with a selection of wholesale school supplies such as colored pencils and markers. Depending on the age of your students teach them how to identify particular colors or set up separate art stations around your classroom with small and exciting art projects to complete at each.

At Bags in Bulk Canada, we love teachers

Livening up your lesson plans is no easy task. While you don’t want to sacrifice crucial teaching time, every teacher must recognize the need for fun within an academic setting. Utilizing opportunities, such as buying affordable bulk school supplies, brings a teacher one step closer to making their classroom more engaging and students more excited to learn.

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