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Wholesale School Supplies for Every Student, Every School District

Wholesale School Supplies for Every Student, Every School District

Kids need school supplies every year, all year. We all recognize the importance of supplying a child when it’s back to school season, but it’s an understated fact that most people don’t realize that that’s not always enough.

Kids need school items continuously, year round. They may start off with everything they need, whether purchased by their families or given through donation, but midway through any school year, they need more.

Bulk school supplies for school districts, fundraisers, and charities

Many students chew on their pens until they break, or lose their notebooks, forget their notecards, used up their erasers, or even just took notes so furiously that they broke the points off of their pencils but don’t have a sharpener, and so those pencils just get tossed aside.

In some cases, students start off with barely anything at all, because their families couldn’t afford the items they needed. As the school year progresses, it becomes harder and harder to make do with less and less. It is for these and many other reasons that a donation of bulk school supplies can make a tremendous, positive impact on a classroom.

Shop Premade School Supply Kits or Purchase Wholesale Case Packs

Bags in Bulk offers everything students and teachers need to supply entire classrooms and districts year round across the entire United States, including Alaska, Hawaii, and even Puerto Rico. Now we're making the same great selection of wholesale school supplies available to our Canadian neighbors. Shop Bags in Bulk for the best deals on bulk school supplies Canada.

young student standing by a school bus

We offer both bulk school supplies kits individually packed with each item a student needs to get started off right, or a refill of the most crucial items specific to a grade or subject. Our products are available for shipping to every Canadian province and school district, for easy access and reliability.

Wholesale backpack school supply kits are a cost-effective way to equip your district

Some classrooms and teachers have specific lists of items they need most, which is where buying individual item packs is especially helpful. Our wholesale school supplies packs include the most in-demand items, including

young girl wearing backpack walking into school

A donation of wholesale school supplies gives every student, educator, and classroom the items kids need to learn and have a meaningful school year, all the while taking the burden off of parents and teachers, who often find themselves having to pay out of pockets for these crucial items themselves. Giving the gift of school supplies allows for access to education, and that is always a gift that keeps on giving.

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