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Reusable Shopping Bags: the New Normal Needed to Save the Planet

Reusable Shopping Bags: the New Normal Needed to Save the Planet

With the environment and climate change on everyone's mind these days, it's  no wonder that reusable grocery bags and non woven shopping bags have become increasingly popular. While not a trend, the use of reusable shopping totes certainly does seem to be coming up more and more in the mainstream media. 

Switching from plastic bags to non woven reusable shopping bags is a serious and significant lifestyle shift we all need to adapt to. Whether you bring your own or your local stores and restaurants provide them to you, this small change makes an enormous impact. 

Our Landfills and Oceans are Drowning in Toxic Plastic Waste

Right now, according to our nation’s official website, Canadians throw away over 3 million tonnes of plastic waste every year. Only a staggeringly small 9% is recycled, while the rest ends up in our landfills, lakes, mountains, and the ocean. The environmental effects of industrial plastic on our environment are clear. 

Plastic bags take approximately 1,000 years to decompose, and at the rate that we’re accumulating them, we are essentially going to run out of clean, inhabitable space in just a few decades if something isn’t done. Thankfully, as most of us know, as of last December the manufacture and import of harmful single-use plastics in Canada is now officially prohibited! 

Reusable Shopping Bags Are for Both Individuals and Businesses

When you’re searching for the best reusable shopping bags Canada has to offer, look no further than Bags in Bulk! We offer the strongest non-woven, durable shopping bags in small, medium, and large size packs. Choose from all one color or assorted colors, and better coordinate where you put what! Our wholesale blank reusable shopping bags are also perfect for screen printing and sublimation, add your store’s logo easily to every bag and personalize your customers’ shopping experience. 

A purchase of one or more reusable grocery bags bulk packs for your household ensures that you always have the bags you need when you checkout anywhere, and that you don’t have to pay extra for store bags. Easy to store and carry anywhere, keep them neatly tucked away in closets and cars until it’s time to use them again. 

Canada wholesale reusable grocery bags 

Bags in Bulk continues to be a premier provider of an unbeatable assortment of the reusable shopping bags Canada needs to keep families, businesses, and every sector of the food delivery service well supplied with bags that help the environment, the economy, and the country to live sustainably and leave a better future for everyone to share. 

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