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Wholesale Sleeping Bags for Camping and Donations Alike

Wholesale Sleeping Bags for Camping and Donations Alike

Giving is an act that brings both parties joy

Most of us can still remember the glee we felt the very first time we ever went camping, or even just to a sleepover. There was the pure exhilaration of sleeping somewhere other than in your own bed and under your own roof that made it magical. It’s possible you were even outside under a clear sky and sparkling stars, taking in the sounds of nature. That feeling of unrolling your sleeping bag, climbing excitedly inside, and then zipping yourself securely into its soft warmth was, for most of us, a downright fun and very memorable experience.

It really still is fun, for those of us who love the great outdoors. For the travelers, wanderers, campers, and explorers among us, a lightweight, compact, portable, insulated, and water-resistant sleeping bag isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity!

A sleeping bag can save the life of a person in need

This is, of course, even more true for the thousands of homeless or internally displaced individuals in our neighborhoods, our communities, and around the country. The Great White North understands cold better than almost anyone in any other nation on Earth, but even so the reality is that surviving a winter night outside in British Columbia is still drastically different than trying to survive the night outside in places like Nunavut.

Displaced and homeless individuals may sleep outside either by choice or necessity, but in dropping temperatures and falling snow anyone who is not properly covered can and likely will suffer frostbite, hypothermia, cold shock, or worse. The need for quality, affordable wholesale sleeping bags is especially great this time of year.

A Humble Brag about Our Sleeping Bags

There is a slight conundrum here, however. The best sleeping bags generally aren’t cheap, and cheap sleeping bags usually aren’t the best. Here at Bags in Bulk, however, we specialize in offering sleeping bags and outdoor gear that is affordable, durable, soft, and strong. Our wholesale sleeping bags come 20 to a pack and are all-weather, hooded or envelope style, 6 feet long to accommodate kids, teens, and adults, insulated, water-resistant, and are built to be easily packed up and moved for required travel at a moment’s notice.

They also unzip fully and can double as an extra top layer of bedding, and will act as a comforter on nights that require one. They can also be used as a padded bottom layer on cold, uneven, and wet ground. Our hooded sleeping bags even offer the extra protection of a top hood flap that can double as a pillow or a protective head and face covering in extreme weather and low temperatures.

Make a difference for someone in need

A donation of Bags in Bulk’s cheap sleeping bags for homeless or in-need individuals can make the difference for a needy individual between shivering on a wet and frosty cardboard box, or warmly enjoying a night under crisp winter stars. Sure, a sleeping bag won’t help solve the homeless crisis in our nation, but it will provide a warm, welcome, and needed shelter for those who need it most.

Giving the gift of bulk sleeping bags to your camping group or local homeless shelter is tantamount to offering a warm blanket, padded bed, and safe space to two dozen people, all at once. So what are you waiting for? The only thing that beats this cold, besides a great sleeping bag, of course, is a warm heart. Who will you help today?

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