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Don’t Stress and Needlessly Shuffle – Travel, Exercise, and Organize It All with a Duffel!

Don’t Stress and Needlessly Shuffle – Travel, Exercise, and Organize It All with a Duffel!

Duffels are the best bags for the long haul

Sometimes life requires that we drag a significant amount of stuff with us as we go about our lives, whether we’re bringing clothes, toiletries, and accessories from home to travel, carrying athletic items with us to the gym to work out or to sports or team events, throwing together a hodge-podge of whatever we can fit into whatever space we can fit it when moving, or for many other dozens of reasons, sometimes we just need to grab it, pack it, and go.

This is especially true for displaced and homeless individuals who often have no choice but to drag all of what few possessions they have from place to place, frequently, as conveniently and safely as possible.

Duffel bags are perfect for people in need

Often overlooked but genuinely one of the most useful items a person can own is a good, durable duffel bag. Depending on needs, duffels can carry clothes, toiletries, passports and tickets, sports equipment, gym and exercise items, craft supplies, costume changes, work clothes and uniforms, school supplies, baby items, and so much more.

Whether it’s for your neighborhood hockey team, community homeless and/or women’s shelters, a large family trip, or a unique hobby and crafting group, Bags in Bulk is the premier destination for the wholesale duffle bags Canada needs for every season.

The “Everything” Item Everyone Needs

Our duffle bags in bulk come in an extensive variety of solid colour packs, bright neon trims, a range of sizes, and have all the features needed for everything from organizing classrooms and craft supplies to group business travel, sports equipment storage, and for use as homeless carry-alls.

Even small town group away games, sleepovers, and community relief care kits are just a few of the many occasions, needs, and groups that benefit greatly from the donation of an assorted pack of duffle bags in bulk.

Packable, portable, and easy to carry, our bags come with toiletry and travel organizer pockets, shoe compartments, adjustable shoulder straps, handles, removable bottom inserts to keep bags and their contents steady, and are equally perfect for kids, teens, and adults.

Lightweight and easy to carry or wear with easy grasp zippers and comfort grip handles, each 24 pack of duffel bags is crafted from tough, durable 600 Denier polyester, and provides everything any group needs to get tough jobs done easily.

Small Bags, Large Possibilities

Every community group, organization, charity, and family has a diverse range of needs, but a seasonless, versatile duffel bag covers pretty much all of them. Some groups may need socks, and some may not, some may need something to eat, and some may not, and still some others may need blankets, while other parties already have all of the apparel and outerwear they need.

It can be difficult to keep track of exactly what every community and organization needs this year, but there is one thing we know for sure.

What very few groups ever have enough of is a bag to organize and conveniently carry school supplies, gym items, team gear, personal possessions, important work documents, and the things people simply need to get from place A to place B, efficiently.

A case of duffel bags will never go to waste, and demand and need are always high.  And remember, any donation of these bags is more than just a good deed done for others. It also brings with it the feelings of comfort, kindness, and peace of mind that endless possibilities will now be met, all year round.

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