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Wholesale Socks are the Most Requested Item at Homeless Shelters

Wholesale Socks are the Most Requested Item at Homeless Shelters

wholesale canadian socks

It’s a great feeling to receive a pack of socks that has been directly delivered to your doorstep. It’s not something particularly enjoyable to shop for in stores, it’s tiresome, and once you have them in your possession you can move on to focusing about the many other things that matter more. By shopping online, you can easily find and enjoy multiple pairs of warm, soft, and even colorful socks for work, school, exercise, and sports.

Wholesale socks are an inexpensive way to make a big difference

The rewarding feeling of having socks delivered to you is significantly magnified for those in our communities who have nothing to their names, not even a home. Bags in Bulk is proud to be one of the premier destinations for bulk socks Canada has to offer, and as such we offer a large assortment of socks in bulk for men, women, teens, and kids. Homelessness, sadly, knows no age boundaries. 

Bags in Bulk stocks a huge array of socks in popular styles, colors, and sizes. We have socks for everyone, including tube socks, crew socks, and ankle socks for men, women, and kids. For colors, you can choose from black, white, gray, multi-color assortments, and more. Find out for yourself why Canada prefers Bags in Bulk for wholesale socks and bulk apparel of all kinds. 

wholesale athletic socks

Bulk Socks are a Great Gift for Family, Friends, and Clubs

Socks are seasonless, soft, comfortable, and for those who are on their feet every day for work such as doctors, law enforcement, military, and teachers, they are a crucially important health and hygiene item valued above all others.

Socks protect feet from chafing, provide padding while walking, can prevent frostbite, offer a layer of insulating warmth on cold winter nights, and help wick away moisture and sweat in the summer. They are perfect to have on hand in bulk for every-day activities including work and school, athletic endeavors, and for relaxation.

One of the hardest things about being homeless is that you have to carry everything you own. That's why wholesale reusable shopping bags are a great item to donate to homeless shelters. Recipients of reusable grocery bags can use them to carry clothing, food, shoes and boots, and other bulky items that might not fit in a traditional wholesale duffle bag, which is another great donation idea for shelters. 

a large pile of wholesale mens crew socks

Purchasing a pack of socks in bulk for your sports team, hiking or camping group, or even for family vacations helps ensure that if you rip a hole in a toe or your pairs get worn out and damaged hiking through Banff and running from a bear (hey, it happens,) there’s always a new, dry, clean pair there ready go to.

Make our bulk socks part of your next charity drive

Socks are often the number one most requested item by shelters and charitable organizations around the country, and that’s why Bags in Bulk has you (and your feet) covered.  Shop Bags In Bulk for the best selection of homeless care kits, wholesale socks for men and women, and bulk merchandise of all kinds. 

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