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Must-Have Wholesale Winter Accessories for Ski Trips and Outdoor Sports

Must-Have Wholesale Winter Accessories for Ski Trips and Outdoor Sports

Shop these wholesale and bulk accessories and get ready for the best Winter adventures yet

Everyone thinks about coats, gloves, and hats when the cold weather comes, but people give far less thought to scarves and earmuffs!

Necessary for warmth and comfort, these fashionable winter accessories help to insulate and trap your natural body heat, without being bulky or restricting movement. When you’re wondering where to buy winter clothes in Canada, look no further than Bags in Bulk. We’ve got you “covered.”

Scarves and Ear Muffs Are Ideal for Tourists and Local Businesses

While there’s no reason you can’t go skiing year round in some parts of this country, now that winter is officially upon us, ski season is here! Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, ice skating and more are once again bringing tourists in record numbers to resorts and towns, and many of them do not realize just how cold parts of Canada can be.

Many local businesses looking to stock up on bulk ear muffs for winter and winter scarves can take advantage of the colorful and affordable stock right here at Bags in Bulk.

Winter scarves are the perfect gift for anyone (including yourself)

Our winter scarves are 100% fleece, fringed for a playful look, and are available in an assortment of solid colors and plaids that are perfect for any taste or outfit. Warm and soft, a decent scarf goes a long way toward warding off the cold, and protecting someone’s neck and chest from brutal winds and fresh powder.

Scarves are an obvious need. They get misplaced, not packed, or snagged, and someone needs a new one. By contrast, most people don’t necessarily realize the importance of wholesale ear muffs.

Wholesale winter accessories are perfect for giving

However, the fact is that many couples come to resorts for the weekend, and not everyone wants to wear a hat because let’s face it, static hat hair is real, and more importantly, they’re not very aerodynamic. For ice skaters, skiers, competitive snowboarders, and those who just don’t like to wear hats but still need to protect their heads and ears against the bitter cold, ear muffs for winter that go around the back of your head are an ideal purchase!

Women love earmuffs because they can style a ponytail around them, and men often prefer them because they’re more tasteful and convenient to wear than a bulky winter hat can be. They also securely stay in place, so movement, flips, and twists won’t cause them to fall off of your head like a hat would. Our bulk ear muffs come in a variety of fun solid colors (which match our scarves), and are easily compactable to fit in suitcases, purses, and even coat pockets.

Beat the Cold and High Prices with Ear Muffs and Scarves from Bags in Bulk

Whether you need just one pack each of earmuffs and winter scarves to keep your family and sports group warm this season, or are a responsible business owner or an AirBnB host, providing your guests and customers with warm and protective winter accessories is always the smart choice. At Bags in Bulk, our prices are competitive, our quality is unmatched, and our styles and options can’t be beat.

Shopping in the United States? Check out the wholesale winter accessories on Bags in Bulk USA, the original wholesale supplier with the best prices on the web. For our European friends, Bags in Bulk UK has a wide selection of bulk and wholesale merchandise that ships FREE anywhere in Europe (some restrictions may apply). 

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