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These wholesale duffle bags are perfect for summer vacation

These wholesale duffle bags are perfect for summer vacation

The temperatures are beautiful, the sun is shining, and the mountains and distant shores are calling! Summer is finally upon us, and whether you’re planning a family vacation to Banff, away games with your local sports teammates, or a tour group trip to an exotic location, you and your group have one major need in common: you need a place to put your stuff!

Discounts on wholesale duffle bags

When you need to shop the best variety of wholesale duffel bags Canada has to offer, you need Bags in Bulk. We have one of the largest selections of duffle bags in bulk nationwide, and each case pack comes with 24 duffle bags that are always sturdy, reinforced, multipocket, and have adjustable straps and carry handles for easy transport of the things you need and cherish most.

Bulk duffle bags for sports teams and groups

When you’re planning a vacation, you’re planning on bringing the most critical items with you that you need, in a way that renders them as easy as possible to carry. A good shoulder bag is larger than a backpack, far more organized, and keeps clothes and care items both neater and easier to access. It’s perfect for vacation season for every family, and adjusts to be simple to carry for teens and younger family members.

The best deals on wholesale duffle bags

A large number of us also travel often for work conferences or sports-related needs, both nationally and internationally. In our busy lifestyles, having a grab-and-go duffel that can carry all of our important items for overnights and weekends, while keeping us organized, is critical. Every pack of duffel bags in bulk is built to support the unique needs of its users.

wholesale duffle bags

Wholesale weekender travel bags

These weekender bags also work wonderfully for the gym. There is always room for shoes, a change of clothes, towels, water, and numerous workout items. Never miss a beat at the office, on the field, on your commute, traveling through checkpoints, or at the gym. These oversized weekenders have all the room you need to pack for any adventure. Plus, they're durable and made from the best quality materials. Best of all, when you buy in bulk, the savings is unreal! With savings like this, you can equip the whole team without busting the budget. 

Bulk duffle bags for teams and school trips

Often overlooked but genuinely one of the most useful items a person can own, duffel bags always come in handy. Depending on needs, duffels can carry clothes, toiletries, passports and tickets, sports equipment, gym and exercise items, craft supplies, costume changes, work clothes and uniforms, school supplies, baby items, and so much more.

Wholesale duffle bags for charity drives and fundraisers

Whether it’s for your neighborhood hockey team, community homeless shelters, a large family trip, or a unique hobby and crafting group, Bags in Bulk is the premier destination for the wholesale duffle bags Canada needs for every season. (But let’s be honest, we’re all happy it’s summer!)

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