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Choose the Best Wholesale Backpacks for School, Hiking and Traveling

Choose the Best Wholesale Backpacks for School, Hiking and Traveling

The best bags and backpacks (in Bulk)

We’ve all done it. Whether it was the easiest way to carry our books and lunches to school, a casual day pack needed for hiking, or a helper when moving, slinging a backpack over your shoulder is often the very best way to get your items where they need to be.

Hands free and with lots of pockets and compartments to keep any wearer organized, modern backpacks have come a long way. Bags in Bulk is proud to be one of the top suppliers of wholesale backpacks Canada has, with an unparalleled assortment of styles and features.

No student's need should go unmet

An ideal donation for any age group or need, our backpacks are perfect for students heading back to school, youth or adult sports teams, tour groups, and even hiking groups heading to beautiful local destinations from Lake Louise to Jasper.

There are also local homeless and displaced populations who would greatly benefit from an easy-to-pack and carry bag that keeps what few belongings they have safe and with them at all times.

Bulk backpacks are a cost-effective way to do a lot of good

Choose from a case pack of bulk backpacks with reversible glitter sequins, kids’ 6-in-1 combo sets that come with matching and useful accessories, suede bottom bags, laptop backpacks, and even colourful, multi pocket traditional backpacks that have been reimagined for the next generation.

Also, every backpack comes with padded and adjustable back straps, top carry handles, and accessory pockets, so they and their wearers are always ready for anything and can pick up and go at a moment’s notice.

Tis the season for giving in bulk 

Unlike many seasonal items which are more or less beneficial to various charities and groups depending entirely on weather and the time of year, a purchase of bulk backpacks is always in need. Help an entire classroom of young kids have the bags they need to succeed this year, provide your tour group with the backpacks that make hiking, biking, and sight-seeing that much more enjoyable, or offer a helping hand to community members who could use it most. Whatever you choose to do, there is no better time to do it than right now.

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