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Celebrate blankets in bulk

Wonderful for Weddings, Classy for Classrooms: Blanket Bundles Offer Endless Options

A Cause for Celebration

Weddings, holidays, and graduations are all momentously happy occasions that – let’s face it – can also be incredibly stressful! They all center around celebrations and the giving of gifts, and everyone knows how challenging some people are to shop for. Thankfully, there’s a gift that’s perfect for everybody.

Blanket Your Loved Ones in Comfort

When it comes to purchasing gifts for friends and family, rarely is there a gift that is needed, practical, and always appreciated. The gift of a soft, warm blanket is the exception to that rule. Bags in Bulk is currently offering a dozen different, unique 24 packs of wholesale fleece blankets in a wide assortment of colors, sizes, and patterns so that there is something for absolutely everybody. There are blankets in solid colors, a 4-color assortment of plaid fleece blankets, two different mixed color packs, as well as 30” x 40”, 50” x 60”, and even 60” x 90” inch throw blanket packs for every reason and season.

Options and Occasions

Weddings are a particularly delightful occasion whereby a pack of blankets in bulk comes in particularly handy! For older guests, chilly chapels, and just as a souvenir of the couple’s happy day, an assortment of blankets “to have and to hold, in case guests get cold” are always thoughtful, tasteful, and appreciated by all involved.

Grade school classrooms and high school seniors also find blankets to be particularly thoughtful and useful! In kindergarten and elementary school, nap time blankets in bright colors and soft, snuggly fabrics are perfect for little ones. For a class of graduating high school seniors, distributing a pack of wholesale fleece blankets that can easily be personalized with names and graduation years is a great way to give each senior something uniquely special to carry with them into the future for use in dorms, at home, and more. 

Soft wholesale blankets that are ideal for every occasion

During the holiday season, the gift of soft throw blankets is ideal for older family members, toddlers who would love a soft security blanket to snuggle with, and relatives who are otherwise difficult to shop for! Choose from different style packs (like blue for Hanukkah, or green and red plaids for Christmas, for instance,) different sizes, and even mixed color packs for families where everyone has a very strong opinion on their favorite everything.

Even animal shelters benefit greatly from the gift of a pack of soothing blankets in bulk! There are always furry little ones who need a soft, warm, safe space to sleep and snuggle into every night. Blankets help them feel less afraid and more secure in scary cages and crates while they wait for their fur-ever home. A security blanket is the perfect way to help comfort and support the pets there now, as well as those that come next after each one there now has finally found their family.

Seasonless Gifts for Everyone

Giving the gift of a pack of wholesale fleece blankets benefits every recipient both now and well into the future. Blankets are a gift that reflects kindness and thoughtfulness, and which are practical, fun, different, and will be both appreciated as well as actually used, time and again. Best of all, all of our fleece blankets are crafted from 100% hypoallergenic microfiber fleece, which means that children, adults, and pets alike can enjoy their new snuggleable blankets without worry!

Throw blankets are the gift that gives back in immeasurable ways. What are you waiting for? Grab a pack of fleece blankets today for family, friends, holidays, sleepovers, camping, donation, and so much more, and never miss a moment of comfort.

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