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Giving Back with Backpacks; A Simple Gift with A Powerful Impact

What Would You Do
If you had to pack up your life and take only your most important possessions with you, what would you take? If you knew you could never return and could only bring that which you could carry, you would likely take some hygiene supplies, clothes, a pair of shoes, a cellphone, and perhaps some trinkets or photos that meant a lot to you. For homeless, displaced, and individuals who are victims of domestic abuse and natural disasters, this is a stark reality. To make matters worse, often for safety or reasons of other immediate need, some individuals are forced to flee their homes with only the clothes on their backs, and any charitable supplies they are given later they are forced to either hand-carry with them, or simply refuse because they have no way of traveling with these items.


In these tragic scenarios, it makes an already unfortunate situation that much worse, and that much harder to get out of. But it doesn’t have to be that way! The simple gift of a backpack can help individuals receive the supplies they need in a manner that’s easy to carry, can help them organize and keep clean and safe that which they already have, and can show those who have often lost it all that there is still hope, and still those who care about them and their wellbeing.


Smart Features Save Lives

Bags in Bulk is proud to be one of our nation’s premier affordable, quality wholesale backpacks in bulk providers. With an extensive collection of every size, color, and every feature and function of backpack, there’s something for every need, every age, and every community.


Our multi-pocket, dual compartment, reflective, clip, and bungee backpacks in bulk are especially useful to displaced populations. Multiple pocket and compartment backpacks offer numerous ways to store and organize a person’s most important and cherished items so that nothing gets broken or left behind, while a clip or bungee backpack offers an individual the ability to clip or secure important items such as coats to the front of their bags for easy access and travel. Features like this are especially important to individuals who must move from place to place and shelter to shelter. Reflective backpacks are extremely important as well. For individuals who make their homes outside in busy cities and towns, being seen at night by cars and passersby is critical to staying safe, being noticed, and avoiding accidents with vehicles and bicycles.


What You Can Do
The need and use for bulk backpacks is endless. All it takes is a kind donor to help a community or shelter that’s struggling to ensure that those who depend most on its services have all they need to succeed and get back on their feet.


Don’t pack a bag and run away from a need that so easily can be met. Let’s work together to do our part and ensure that everyone has access to this most basic of supplies, and can back-pack their way to success and better circumstances.
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