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Bulk Buy Flip Flops are Perfect for Every Occasion and Donations Too!

Bulk Buy Flip Flops are Perfect for Every Occasion and Donations Too!

There’s something to be said for being footloose and fancy free, and with the right pair of flip flops it’s a feeling that can stay with you all day long. At Bags in Bulk we carry the softest wholesale flip flops in every size for men and women. Every pair is crafted to offer the wearer full range of motion, traction, fun colours, and long-lasting durability.

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There are Endless Commercial and Personal Uses for Flip Flops

The joyous and most obvious need for bulk men’s and women’s flip flops is a wedding! When you need a treat for your tired feet that still want to dance and celebrate, slip out of heels and oxfords and grab a pair of squishy, padded foam flip flops and keep the party going. 

Wholesale flip flops for every occasion, even weddings!

Guests, the groomsmen, and the bridal party can all also take their toe sandals home with them at the end of the evening for use at home as house shoes, by the poolside, on the beach, in public showers when traveling, and so much more. It’s a great wedding favor that can be used the day of, and every day thereafter.

bride wearing flip flops and jumping in the air

Give your guests the gift of wholesale flip flops from Bags in Bulk

Buying flip flops in bulk is also a great way to get inexpensive beachwear for guests, as well as for hotels, hostels, and Air Bnbs. Make sure your guests are always comfortable, and always have a clean and comfortable pair of bulk flip flops they can move around in easily for the duration of their stay, whether it’s in your own home, you’re renting out a space, or they need comfortable footwear for by the poolside in the hotel. Flip flops are an item many guests actually forget to pack, but one which they always end up needing!

Bulk Flip Flops Can Help More People Than You Realize

Another great use for any purchase of wholesale flip flops is of course, for donation. There are countless homeless and displaced people without adequate footwear, who would benefit greatly from the gift of shoes. Bags in Bulk’s men’s and bulk women’s flip flops come in the full range of sizes from small to extra-large, and are designed to fit a wide assortment of teens and adults comfortably.

Give the gift of bulk and wholesale flip flops

There are countless homeless shelters, women’s shelters, foster care agencies, and hospitals with far more clients and patients in-need than they have product to supply. A simple donation can improve the quality of life for so many, easily, from every “walk” of life. 

Bags in Bulk is the internet's #1 supplier for wholesale flip flops 

Shopping outside of Canada? No problem! Bags in Bulk has locations in multiple countries around the globe. 

Shopping in the United States? Check out the original and find out why we're the top wholesale supplier in the industry. 

Shopping in the UK? Check out and shop our selection of high quality wholesale and bulk merchandise. Shopping for wholesale flip flops in England? Shop UK wedding flip flops at Bags in Bulk UK!

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