Encouraging students and children to excel with wholesale school supplies

How to Positively Reinforce Your Child

Explain to your child where they could use improvement in school, whether it be academic or behavioral. Give them the tools to succeed, like strategies for better note-taking, or getting in touch with a teacher to change seating arrangements. And be sure continue encouraging and cheering your child on, but do so with the added promise of their own pack of new markers or freshly minted pencil case to boost their spirits when they bring home a shining report card!   

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students focusing in class with wholesale school supplies

How to Help Your Child Become a Successful Middle School Student

Many difficulties are sure to arise when students make the transition from elementary school to middle school. It is certainly overwhelming for them to deal with an increased workload, the transition into adolescence, and additional extracurricular activities. Find out how parents can help their children through these tough times.
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assorted wholesale school supplies for a school supply drive

How to Start a School Supply Drive for Your Community

Have you ever thought of organizing a school supply drive for your community? If you have thought about it, you may have wondered where you should start. A school supplies drive may seem a bit overwhelming, but it can be achieved in several different ways. With a few tips and some planning, you can create an impactful event to benefit the youth of your local community,
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